Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Last night I enjoyed a fire in the fireplace, it nicely warmed up the living room given the crappy colder, rainy weather.  Looks like I might need to pull out the space heaters way sooner than I'd like.  It would be nice to know I could just flip on the furnace... but alas, I missed the furnace guy today, getting his message only as I was leaving work.  *sigh* So I'm back on the waiting list to get an appointment.

Of course, I now think I need to try and get Danika into the vet, which is complicated by Dr. Sanderson being out tomorrow and having an appointment of my own on Friday.  You see, she has had this lump, perhaps you recall reading about it, since after a shot several years ago.  It's pretty much between her shoulder blades.  Now, I don't know if it was truly from the shot or just a coinky-dink, but it's there.  Anyhow, last night I noticed that she had a wound up high on her shoulder.  At first I though "SOB, when the hell did she and Vixen have an issue", then I noted her trying to scratch at it and recalling she's been scratching more than normal.  It needed cleaning so I was on the task with my peroxide.  I poked, prodded, looked closely at the wound, and I didn't find the aforementioned bump and now think that she scratched it open.  Yay, but why?  what?  I cleaned it again tonight, hopefully we'll keep infection away.

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