Sunday, July 09, 2006

No more fighting with the stupid front door lock to get my key back now that I've changed the lock. So far today I've accomplished more cleaning and even headed outside to trim back the hedges between my place and the neighbor's place. I was going to move the spare sump pump to another plug, but quickly decided against it after getting the jolt of my life. THAT woke me up.

Nothing worse than realizing you almost qualified for the Darwin award. Granted, I didn't do anything super stupid, I just went to pull out the plug like people do every day, but for some reason the ground on the box no longer seems to exist. I so need a man who can at least attempt to fix stuff around here. I'll exchange a home cooked meal for repairs. Any takers?

"I can't keep on waiting for you. I know that you're still hesitating. -Madonna"

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Brian said...

So basically what you're offering is a "last supper" sort of deal, eh? You make a home-cooked meal, and the guy gets to be electrocuted...

You know, you might want to work on that ad a little bit more. ;)

- B