Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's funny how things either move at 1000 miles an hour or slow to a crawl. I'm on the down turn, which while it's a bit comforting it is also unnerving. I was able to go wander the mall and watch a movie last night!

I still stayed up a bit late to read part of the second half of this week's reading assignment. Finally reading chapter 10 ahead of schedule has paid off giving me only one other chapter to get through this week. I guess I should read ahead to chapter 6 so I'm more prepared for next week's writing assignment. I still find the legal reading a bit cumbersome but I'm getting through it. This small lapse in pressing demands has given me the chance to start thinking about what course I should take in the fall. I should probably just get the capstone over with since it seems to be the most ambiguous one. Then with just an elective to finish things off for graduation all should be fairly smooth sailing (all down hill if nothing else).

At least my mind was free enough to dream about the upcoming cruise, even if it was a rather spazoid dream at that. Less than two months!

"Search every corner, there's nowhere to hide. -Lacuna Coil"

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