Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Davey T is my hero. At least now I can leave for work tomorrow morning without fear that my house is a firetrap for my baby girl. He hauled up after work, we snagged some gutter covers, got them installed, figured out which circuit the evil plug was attached to, and rewired the little bugger to a plastic box and new outlet. It's also good to see the boychild again before he heads of gallivanting south. In return, a small pittance, some yummy pork and kraut (if I do say so myself - and no, contrary to some folks' feedback on a previous post it was not his last meal), and a sampling of a rather interesting brew recommended by a good chap at Little's: Old Leghumper ale. Good stuff!


Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster said...

Come on... you know Torch is immune to death. Geez. If it had been anyone else, death would would have ensued.

Anonymous said...

LOL...nice :)