Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's midway through the morning and I'm just getting to work after waiting for the plumber to wrap up his efforts.

Total cost for this week's expenditures?
$285 New hot water tank
$235 Labor which covered installing the new tank, getting rid of the old, and tending to my furnaces.
$115 Repairing the oven in the apartment.

Racheal Ray would be quite displeased - $40 a day this is not! I again ask how the hell people can live on minimum wage or other low salaries, particularly those raising families. I'm not knocking people here, rather giving them major kudos for getting by when there are idiots out there like me who get feelings of desperation.

I did find a new sliding door which would run me around $550 without labor. I have a hard time justifying this right now as a new door never seems necessary - but it would be nice to have more than the foot lock and a combo lock to keep people from coming through the back door. Never mind the fog that's been in there since buying the place which tells me that the seal was broken and it's probably not keeping heat from escaping in the winter.

I'll be over here planning my next mental unhinging if you need me.

"The story never lies. -Winger"

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