Monday, August 08, 2005

I here by alter the name of my blog "1001 Reasons to Not Buy a House." So this morning, Monday none the less, I'm getting ready for work and it's raining - again. Yes, once again the Johnstown rainy season. I'm a little concerned and peeking out the front window but the river doesn't look too bad, yet. Before leaving for work I head to the basement to inspect and so far so good in the garage - excellent. Unfortunately, there is instead a nice puddle from the hot water tank.

SO, today, for lunch I went to home depot and picked up a new hot water tank. Frell. Gratefully, I reached a plumbing and heating guy who can come tomorrow morning so I can get this swapped out and I figured while he's here he can check the two furnaces and get them ready for winter. Several hundred dollars swallowed by my own personal money pit. Yum, does that taste good house? (Keep in mind I also have ppl coming tomorrow to check the stove in the apartment as well.)

So I come home today and yep, as I feared, water in the basement again. I was lucky this time as the water lines on the garage door are only about 5-6 inches up. That was plenty sufficient to soak the entire garage. I didn't get a full fledged lashing in the main part of the basement, but some water definitely got in there as well. I'm not certain if this was water that got through the sand bags and under the door or if it came up from ground water.

What a convenient time as the township bi-weekly meeting is this evening. Needless to say I was, once again, in attendance to get an update on what their beloved engineers had to say. They've cleaned up some roadside drains as part of their short term solution. Bzzt. Doesn't help me. So I guess my next option is to spend WAY too much freaking money to close up my garage. I can't really use it as a garage anyhow as it's pretty tight. What a mess.

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