Sunday, August 21, 2005

I slept a little late, got a little exercise (moving more of Beth's crap and wandering the mall), found a pretty nice dress perfect for our cruise, and sipped a few today. Ask me if I got around to cleaning, the peer review document I need to do, or the supply chain course I need to review?

On other notes... the top floor of the old folks home? You've got to be kidding. *haha* Very classy. As to other things, if the things I hear are true it's just sad. Another case where a person is very lucky to have the person they are dating and they don't realize it... so they use and take advantage of them, probably ruining them for future relationships in some ways. Just sad. It should be interesting to see how much is true and how many games continue into the fall.

The bs of distance being an issue in a relationship is just that, bs. Can't you just say "I'm not that into you... and I want to still have you hanging by a thread should I feel the need to suck you back in if I am feeling the need to have someone?"

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