Friday, August 19, 2005

This has been the longest week ever. Ok, probably not but it sure seemed like it. Hopefully the weekend will also move slowly. So I've had this little rant brewing periodically from the first time I saw this one commercial and I've forgotten at all the appropriate blogging times, but here goes.

So I'm watching TV and those things that I typically can ignore, called commercials, come on. It's for all the stupid ringtones you can sign up for... "get Crazy Frog today!" "the hottest new hit in Europe"... wha wha what? Hottest? NEW?? Ok, first, the song is called Axel F. It's from way back when I was in 7th grade. It's called Axel F for "Detective Axel Foley" a character played by Eddie Murphy in the movie Beverly Hills Cop II. You can't slap in some idiot saying "bing bing ba bing" in a weird voice and call it new. Seriously.

I guess this just goes to prove that all that is old is new once again and styles come back in. Damnit, I knew I should have hung on to those bitchin high top purple LA Gears sneakers. When are they going to start reopening roller skating rinks? Now there's a good time damnit - "shag skating" around the corners and all.

As to my lovely friday evening it was wonderful to be surrounded by buds acting like old times, even w/ new friends. The Orchard wings, which are hit and miss lately, were fabulous, and the woodchuck cider was yummy. There are definitely times I miss having a keg fridge easily accessible.

Speaking of old times, I was clicking through channels last evening and came upon someone talking on one of those TLC or Discovery shows I dig. I am watching for a while and I realize, this guy had a repeating phrase. You know how once you notice a phrase someone uses a lot you can't NOT notice it. I about died when I realized... his phrase was "and that". I had to laugh hardily at this as it was a big joke in my house for an extended period of time as a loved relative of past used this phrase in the sweetest way, and that.

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