Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I may have only gotten one big box (at least so far this evening) packed but I was still productive.  In packing that box in the kitchen I realized I had the milk here to make a cherry chocolate bread mix, so that's happening.  I also woofed down a big ranch bean frito salad and made a couple of half-assed potato skins (I say half assed because I do NOT have sour cream and only a smidgen of cheese).  Ok, maybe eating 3 times shouldn't count as productive, but I did clear some stuff out of the pantry.

I also got on using up some white vinegar that was here - running a load in the washer and dishwasher, pouring some down the bathroom and kitchen drains as a chaser to the baking soda from the fridge.  A load of laundry was also put away.  So that's something.

Last night I ran a load that load of laundry and the dishwasher.  I also got a huge box pulled together - which involved stripping down the bed upstairs and pulling pillows.  I took the curtains down and pulled a good bit of the decorations down off of the walls (although many of those I'll move myself).

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