Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Appraisal was completed earlier this afternoon, so that is out of the way, now we wait for that response so we can call all in the universe well and good.  I have no doubt that it is all well in the universe because things have crazy tipped in a new direction so far this year.  Again, still can't put it all out there yet, sorry.

I did have a scare today.  As I brought the girls back up the stairs, I'm not sure how it happened but Danika was knocked off balance and a foot kicked out to the point she about toppled over the side of the basement stairs about five feet up.  Fortunately I was behind her and within reach that I got her butt and back legs into my arm and back on the stairs as to avoid that hell of a tumble.  Ugh.  Can you imagine?  I sat here shaking and nauseated for a few minutes after thanks to that close call.  They have their regular yearly visit to the vet this evening, the last thing I would want is to accelerate that a few hours with an emergency trip.

The folks I have been worried about, well 2 out of 3 so far are reporting back positive words of successful surgeries.  There will be recuperation time for them no doubt, but I'm glad to know they are awake and on that recovery road.

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