Monday, December 19, 2016

oh em geeeeee!  Next step complete!  We still need to do an appraisal, but it would be nothing short of insanity for the house to not appraise at the offered price or higher.  I officially feel comfortable starting to pack and making an offer on a new place.

Now the question is which place?  I have the two options that are very viable right now.  If I plug them into my weighted spreadsheet things come out pretty tight score wise.

Late last week I had emailed the builder for the one home because I know they sometimes have things in progress that aren't on their website.  Bingo.  They have a new layout being built that already has carpet down, so it should be ready in January!  I cannot find pictures or floor plans anywhere, it's driving me crazy.  So, I will go see the place in progress as well as try to get measurements on the backyard of one of the existing options.  My plan is to make my decision and get an offer to the selected place before Christmas.  Fingers crossed that the new build doesn't have a white kitchen. *blech*

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