Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2 boxes of books packed last night.  3 boxes of a variety of things packed tonight.  I also got a bag of stuff I don't need to keep/move to the trash for tomorrow.  Aside from losing a few days for holiday visiting, if I keep at this pace I should be golden.  I really did box up a lot of stuff when I was decluttering, so a large portion of the items out either do not need boxes (furniture) or they need to be more last minute (remaining kitchen items and clothing).

I do need to carefully assess tee shirts and shorts for the donation pile.  That is a more urgent to do as I'd like to get that stuff to St Vincent de Paul before the end of the month.  There are also the variety of items that the movers are likely not going to take (alcohol/wine, plants, super precious/delicate items) that I need to take in that direction... and finally the remaining items that are over at my Favorite Egg's old place that need to be here before I bring someone in to give me a moving guestimate.  I hope that stuff is okay.  I did throw out a few more things that I brought back from there that got gross.

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