Sunday, December 11, 2016

I've only been gone a week, but it felt like a month-long escape, and enough happened to reinforce that feeling.  I headed to my Favorite Eggs so we could fly out from the burgh to Fort Lauderdale.  About two months ago I spotted a dang good rate on Harmony of the Seas.  It's _the_ largest and newest RC ship right now and it just arrived in FLL a few weeks ago.  Combine that with crazy amazing flight prices and he was down.

We caught up with her on Saturday, December 3.  She is sister to Allure and Oasis, so many of the same things apply (such as the Central Park view balcony room we had and some entertainment venues).  I was a little disappointed with our table for dinner.  We had one couple show the first night, another couple show two of the nights, and a solo traveling gentleman three of the nights.  All said we had two evenings at the huge table solo.  We did go to Wonderland for dinner one night which I love on all fronts.

They're presenting doing some extra perks for the neighborhood balconies, so we also had a free premium lunch coming to us - so we tried Sabor.  I'm pretty picky about Mexican food.  I'll eat salsa/nachos, fajitas, and I finally stretched recently to try a few other things at the local place - so this was an adventure for me - but it was pretty freaking good.

Labadee (Private Island):  Compared to our last visit we slummed it a little.  No cabana this visit.  We walked to the Dragon's hole and then did find a nice spot on the beach for part of our day to relax.

Falmouth Jamaica:  This port was tough for me.  My first and last visit there left a bad taste in my mouth thanks to super pushy sales people that had me beyond the point of uncomfortable.  I had booked a tour with Peat Taylor at the recommendation of the Wild One.  Our first stop was at the Blue Hole - a series of falls we climbed and jumped from platforms at.  This was way more adventurous than I was expecting, but a blast.  From there we were off to the White River for some tubing which was also very nice - we were the only two people to do that portion of the tour.

Cozumel Mexico:  My last visit introduced me to Mr Sancho's all inclusive.  This visit I went for the similar Nachi Cocum, which allows fewer people each day and is just down the same stretch of beach.  It was nice enough.  The food and drinks were good.  We had a good day - until they seemed to rush us out earlier (an hour) than they were supposed to close.

The best part about Mexico was having the free wifi, so I could get the emails saying I had an offer on the house!  There is going to be so much to do and get in order as a result.  This _is_ a good problem to have, but I'm a bit anxious right now.  I'll be starting crazy lists to ease my brain a bit.

I had already planned to see a couple of places when I returned to the burgh (which was cold as all get out for the record).  We got in pretty late on Saturday and weren't into bed until 2:30, but I was still moving to see the first one at 11ish today.  4 in total, one I had been to before but wanted to see again as a viable option.  Another in the same community as the house I was lusting for recently.  One that I just spotted and thought wasn't in as bad of shape as it was.  ...and finally, one I've been eyeballing for a while.  This one looks pretty good, I just have to figure out how comfortable I am being a bit up on the crest of the hill in the community and the smaller yard.  I'm not in panic mode (yet).  Of course, we need to get through inspections and the like here first too.

So, I'm home now and 95% unpacked.  I have two very tired dogs, one of which has fallen asleep half on my leg making this rather difficult to type.  The only down side is I am a bit behind on The Walking Dead, but I'm watching regardless.

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