Friday, December 23, 2016

I finished up my work week super early on Thursday and got myself on the road to look at another house. After all, with Christmas weekend I can't imagine a lot of realtors or home owners would want to schedule things during the weekend proper.  The house I came to see was a new build that is just finishing up.  Of course, when I got there they told me that the boss doesn't want them to sell it yet as it is a new design and they want to be able to show it off.  Ok.  It worked out well because while it was very nice it was lacking in some areas that I had higher hopes for.  He showed me another that has been on the market (brand new) for a little while.  I had only glanced because of a few features that kicked it off of my priority list.  Ultimately, it was a super nice place at the top of my willing budget and with a few things still on that list of things I don't like - but the biggest nail was that it was simply too big and I could hear my mother asking if I was going to clean it.

On my way here my prayer was that I'd know one way or the other (be completely enamored with what I came to see or even more sure of the one I already had at the top of my list).  I did need to stop at the this place and measure to make sure there wasn't a deal breaker with the size of the back yard.  One must have enough fence-able space to please the beasts you know.  I feel like since I toured this home the backyard got smaller and smaller in my mind.  Fortunately, the tape measure eased my concerns and I think we're good to go to put in a deck and get a fence up.

That said - my realtor and I started the back and forth on the house.  Recall there was two right at the same 'ranking' on my spreadsheet - so I still have a super viable second option if things don't pull through here.  Rest assured - you will know when I do!

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