Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I can't believe I was half in and out of sleep last night until after 3am watching returns for the election.  I'm so glad it's over - but I'm even happier with and surprised by the results.

Don't get me wrong, Trump was not my first choice, but Killary was my absolute last choice.  Hate is a word I shouldn't use, so I'll say I struggle to find redeeming qualities.

Pennsylvania - I'm proud of you!  That was a real nail biter.  Proof that us backwoods hick deplorables can carry both our guns and our bibles to the polls en masse and override Filthadelphia.  North Carolina - I was watching you too.  So many friends there were all about the gal on FB, so this state also surprised me.

My candidate lost.  Am I sorry I voted third party?  No.  It was a difficult thing to come to, especially as I saw how tight things were in PA, but ultimately - even there I was not picking someone I agreed 100% with.  I can however get behind the thought that Government needs to back their noses out of everything, so I was rocking the porcupine rather than the donkey or elephant.

As deplorable as I am (while still not being racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or sexist), I still feel a little sad for her.  Unlike the hockey player who looses in the Stanley cup finals and can return again next year to give it another run - I would have to think 4 years away is daunting and even more heartbreaking.

I remain scared for our country.  The only thing I can hold on to is my prayer that the Lord's will be done, that he would change hearts here in the US back to him, that regardless of who is our President that he would be our King once again.

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