Sunday, October 02, 2016

Saturday I was still hurting a good bit... but fortunately, when I woke this morning the pain in my hip has fully passed.  I'm betting the drive to my Favorite Egg's on Friday didn't help as it took an extra hour and fifteen minutes thanks to traffic coming to a complete halt for 6 or so miles near Belle Vernon thanks to construction.  This delay also made me miss out on our plans to have a nice sit down dinner at a place new to us before his other commitments.  So I ended up sitting (uncomfortably thanks to my hip) at the house by myself.  On Saturday we did a little running before heading out to his family's gathering for September birthdays.

I made good progress coming home, but it definitely didn't make up for all of that lost time on the way there.  I'm really wishing for more long weekends.

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