Sunday, October 23, 2016

Saturday I headed to Etna to catch up with Binder and Amy (for the first time in years) to go to ScareHouse!  I've been wanting to go forever, so I put out the cattle call with the hopes I'd find someone local to make the drive with.  They bit so we decided to meet.

First there was a stop at the Church Brew Works where I had some delightful perogies with bacony goodness and a pumpkin stout and then to the parking lot where we were bused to the Scarehouse. First the main house, which was pretty darn good. I had one minor jump scare catch me, but that was it.  The props and make up - fantastic.  Lovely work.  We had people going through with us that were quite jumpy, it was even more fun to get to watch them loose their sh*t.  THEN we went to the basement.  I really thought I might have some struggles here since they cover your head with a bag and things like that... but it was easy breezy.  They do manhandle you a good bit.  I'm sure Amy's toes are sore as I stomped her by accident with my stompers a few times when they were dragging us backwards, but to be fair she did take one hell of a crack at my ass with a plastic bat.  Yes, I do have a bruise!

Today I was up and off to church.  Unfortunately, in that short amount of time Danika decided to make a mess in the crate.  It kills me.  I watched her go right before I left.  I don't know what her deal is.  So, being gone for 2 1/2 hours this morning meant 30-40 minutes of scrubbing the crate and bathing the dog.  *sigh*  She was good when I headed back to Heidi's for an event this evening.  Don't worry, I was back in time for Walking Dead.  I can officially say I was right - at least about the first death!!!

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