Monday, October 17, 2016

I worked to cover this past Friday so my Favorite Egg and I could have a long weekend together.  I just wanted a little extra time, both with him, and away from my desk.  He came in on Thursday night, allowing us the ability to relax a little Friday morning before getting the dogs out for a noon showing at the house.  From there we went to his old place to do a little work and bring more boxes back from my stash.  Unfortunately, the work we wanted to do there didn't go smoothly and didn't get done.

I had picked up some Rum Chata to create the drink that Kirk introduced me to, but hadn't realized I didn't have Captain at the house (how does that happen)?  After a quick stop I was ready to mix a couple of a drinks.  We invited Lor-Lor to join us for dinner and sat with our beverages and a Keven Bacon movie for the evening.

Saturday we headed out to peep some leaves.  First stop Glades Pike Winery for a glass and a couple of bottles, then just down the road to Laurel Hill State Park.  We were there two years ago and he was ready to return.  After a bit of a hike there we went to the Quemahoning, which I've never been to.  I wanted to gawk around a bit and get a feel for the place, but I also thought maybe the leaves would be nice around the water.

We're supposed to be at peak for the leaves, but it was a bit lack luster.  As much as the one tree behind my house has changed in the past three days - I'm betting by this coming Thursday there will be a dramatic difference in the places we visited.  Regardless, it was a nice trip out - and the weather was fantastic all weekend.  Sunday we did a little relaxing and running.

As to the showing - it was too big for this folks looking.  *sigh*  I guess I've heard worse "no thanks" responses.

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