Monday, October 10, 2016

Dogs don't make sense.  At some point a while back one of the metal dinner bowls was moved from the living room and Vixen's slow feeder bowl made its way in.  For whatever reason these two goofballs seem to prefer eating out of the slow feeder.  It always gets emptied at dinner time and I have to pour food from the metal bowl which remains more than half full.  It's time to pull out the backup slow feeder bowl to make it the second living room bowl.  I am so curious to see if they'll eat out of both or if they'll still have a preference.

Today after work I headed out to the Forest Hills High School to take in a volleyball match against Richland - two young ladies from youth were playing - one on each team.  I felt thrown back so many years.  I never joined the volleyball team because the season went into swimming season, but I did train with them for a little while back in high school, and I even worked the first few games tracking as people came in/out.  It was a good time, I'm glad I went.

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