Sunday, October 30, 2016

I went to my Favorite Egg's this weekend where we tried out a couple of new places for grubbing.  The President's Pub was pretty decent - tomato bacon jam on the burger, need I say more? Also the Springhouse's home cooked grub was pretty good.  I don't think trying the thai place that I spotted out that way is his speed, so I'll try that on my own someday when I'm there.

I pondered going to two open houses, one that needed some updates that made the current price a bit too high and another that seemed right up my alley but is likely too far out for my long term commuting desires, but decided against it.  It just felt like a waste of time.

Coming home today was hard.  Not just because it decided to rain pretty hard most of the way and throw some fog my way come Somerset county, but because this is most assuredly the last time the weather won't be snow/ice or danger of such.  I was really wishing my trip home was a mere 20 minutes from his place.  I so thought I would have been out that way by now.

While I was gone an open house took place here.  I did my cleaning before leaving on Friday.  I wish I could just leave it in a bubble and not need to reclean every couple of days.  I wanted to do a little bit of cleaning at his place, but just couldn't muster it up.  I think I'm all cleaned out as far as willing actions go.  We did get some growth cleaned up around the house though since the weather was so nice on Saturday.

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