Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I just want to note how nice it is that I am able to have the back window open this evening, thanks to our ongoing pleasant weather.  It isn't slated to last much longer... as in this weekend looks like it'll be pretty chilly.  As such, I opened the boxes I brought back that had my wintery shoes (including my Docs for snow).  The Docs were in the first box... as was mold.  *sigh*

I spent some time this evening cleaning off shoes I wanted desperately to spare from the trash can.  Fingers crossed that the clean up and spray with lysol will prevent the return of said mold and that distinct odor will dissipate.  A few pairs did get dumped into the trash - the ones that were more fabricy/porous exteriors.  Fortunately the other two boxes don't appear to have the same blight, but I'm concerned for the other goodies that came back and those that remain on site.

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