Friday, September 09, 2016

To me a counter offer means you change the price in some way.  It also does not mean you get to question me, asking why I didn't send another offer after the fact.  If you didn't counter with a new offer, why would I?  It's clear you're not going to move on price and... for what it's worth, maybe that was the answer I was praying for on other matters.

The whole process pisses me off.  I feel like I get screwed on both ends of these deals, no one will ever budge for me, but they all certainly expect me to move.  It takes two days to even go from start to submitting - but can be dashed in a second.

Oh well.  I'll probably be stuck in Johnstown for a while regardless.  Tomorrow I have to go "back to reality".  At least that reality includes my girls.

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