Sunday, September 11, 2016

I'm home.  I had a nice visit with family at my Sister's place.  I worked, using little vacation hours, so most of what I did was work during the day, but it still felt like an escape.  I was dreading coming back to reality. At least it includes my girls.  They were happy to see me.  The house felt stuffy when I got here and had a bit of stink in the living room, which I discovered was due to standing water in the bottom of a plant... issue resolved.  It's also cooler in the evening now, so I can open the windows and enjoy fresh cool air.

The full weekend I was there, what with the holiday and all, we drove to Lubbock and I got to see my niecey poo in her natural habitat.  We drove the campus and hit all of the yummy joints including amazing thai and a good burger.  We went to the local theatre to watch her first Texas Tech game where she didn't have to work!  I'm sure it was weird and a bit sad for her.  I came back with a pint glass, a jacket, and a shirt.  I'm all "guns up".

I got to do some shopping with them for living room furniture (couch for girl and recliners for my sister), which has gotten me more so thinking about what I might want to buy to replace my existing/old couches when the time comes.

I flew back on Satuday and spent the night at my Favorite Egg's.  Since I was there, I hit another open house - turns out the place was nicer in person than I expected from the photos so that's a plus.  I'm still not sure what I want to do and flummoxed.  For now, I'm still here... and that doesn't look like it will change if left to the existing reality's devices.

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