Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Reading 41 pages of documents you need to read carefully and pick apart after working all day isn't my idea of a fun evening.  This should be a good/exciting time, but it's already tedious and exhausting.  Things sure have changed since the last time I was looking to buy a house... and every single item seems to mean more $$ for the buyer to put out.

Long story short, the notifications I receive on properties that I've favorite told me before bed last night open houses, which gave me a little bit of a sense of urgency... but it sure didn't look like the one place and I were close on numbers.  This morning I saw a price drop.  The combination of the two has me taking steps forward I was previously thinking needed to hold until my current place sold.  Unfortunately for me, I haven't heard anything else on that front other than hearing that one potential buyer made an offer on another place, so I guess I can cross them off.

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