Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's getting pretty cool at night.  The windows have been open the past few evenings and the ac off.  It makes for pleasant sleeping, but it also makes me realize that I need to get on top of bringing my boxes back from their current 'storage' location, which is not heated in the winter.  What on earth am I going to do with darn near a room full of boxes?  While I don't have water issues I still wouldn't want them on the ground in the basement or garage and frankly any huge pile is just going to make the space it is in look tiny and messy compared to how it is today.  Plus - gah, lots of heavy lifting and another week or so of major bruises all over my arms and legs.  That's something to not look forward to.

I look at the front yard and see how much weeding needs done in the driveway too and I have not motivation to do it.  I'm back from vacation, but still just too tired of trying to keep up there (for naught).  I haven't done anything in the line of cleaning since I returned home.  I'm asking for trouble if I don't start spending 20 minutes each evening to maintain - you know a showing will pop up out of no where w/ short notice if I don't.

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