Thursday, September 15, 2016

I swear, I no sooner typed yesterday's post and someone contacted their realtor.  I have a showing today at noon.  After work and again after youth group I did the work that has been piling up for the sake of general tidiness.  The dogs will be happy to see me midday.

I'm also happy it didn't land on Friday or I am afraid I would have needed to ask for another time.  The project I returned to PA for so many years ago is wrapping up for the last time.  Materials are being boxes/packed and shipped back to the client.  Two guys have found other jobs and have last days scheduled. A few more are worried and trying to find other work.  It truly is a sad week.  As I worked on one last thing yesterday I felt like I was fiddling while Rome burned around me.

I also got more word that tells me I can totally forget about the other interested party as they have vanished from the earth.  Go figure, right?

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