Thursday, August 25, 2016

They didn't finish up as early as they claimed they would, but the upstairs carpet is now complete as well.  It too looks pretty nice.  Of course, there is plenty of 'lint' to vacuum up with new carpet.  The big challenge of the day was that, as I feared, the metal door and the cubby doors wouldn't have budged on the new carpet.  They needed cut off.  Fortunately, the woman from the carpet place already had someone lined up - unfortunately, that cost me another little chunk of money.  But it's complete!  I got everything "back where it belongs" upstairs too.

Of course, contractors tinkering with freshly cut carpet tend to make a mess - the whole way down the stairs, through the dining room, and across the front porch.  So there is plenty more to clean up. It was nice to have two days guaranteed to not have showings - but it's time to get all of the rest of the cleaning back up done too so we're ready for more.  This Saturday my agent has scheduled an open house, so I want to make sure all is in order for this.  It is a never ending battle, and I'm getting tired.

Still sounds like good things may come of the second showing earlier this week.  I'm on standby to answer any questions that may crop up, and counting on the big Guy upstairs.  I had a massage this evening, but thee is no early bed time - it's time to get a few other things done.

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