Sunday, July 31, 2016

Three dog food bags full of pine cones.  One raw thenar space.  My poor hands are made for typing, not manual labor.  It's pretty darn warm working out there too, so it feels good to be back inside and relaxing on the couch with cold water.  Of course, while I was outside laboring some-fuzzy-body popped the bedroom door and made themselves comfortable on my bed.  Jerks.

I've been starting to ponder what else I should do "around here" to help perk it up.  Maybe repaint the basement floor?  Rip down the wood paneling in the apartment and replace it with drywall or paint the wood paneling?  Update the tub and surround in the apartment?  Ugh.  All of it sounds like large endeavors in time or money.   I wonder what it would cost to get one or the other outsourced.  If I were sticking around I'd dive into the kitchen/hall/bath tile and upgrade it to ceramic.

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