Sunday, July 31, 2016

This evening I had a church friend stop in to give me a fresh perspective walking through the house.  She noticed a few minor things and made her suggestions.  Well, I guess she also took note of the need to redo the caulk in the apartment because she came back later with her husband (another church friend) who got to work there recaulking and removing the awful fish stickers from the bottom of the tub while she fashioned new window coverings for one upstairs room.  How's that for love?

Of course in the midst of working in the apartment bathroom the faucet in the tub stopped turning off completely.  *sigh*  It's only been empty for a month but things are already breaking.  As an added dose of blessing he'll be back tomorrow (after the stores are open) to help make that repair as well.  In the mean time, things are turned off in the basement leading over there.

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