Thursday, July 07, 2016

Of course, as soon as I start to dig in, asking for disclosures etc the agent for the one house I was warming up to writes my agent to tell her they're expecting an offer soon on it.  It's been on the market for 6 months, but because I gave it a second glance it is a hot commodity now. *sigh* It's okay, it was more than I want to spend and not quite everything I wanted, but it does make me sad when I see some I earmarked sell.  On the other hand if it was an attempt to press me to make an offer (which is what I thought the one a while back was doing when the agent was an ass - refusing to add photos to the listing because they were expecting an offer - and then it sat listed for another couple of months), then you've failed miserably, as it instead made me simply put this on my list of places to keep an eye on to see how long before it shows a sold price.

In other news, I have been monitoring a bump on Saffy's nose for the past couple of months.  It looked like it grew a little more, so I called and got us into the vet today.  He didn't want to take a needle to it to take a sample to know for sure what it is but he did say it does not look like the equivalent of a dog wart, instead it's something (can't remember what he called it) that comes in three 'levels' - only one of which is a concern, and it's a concern even if you remove it - the other two aren't worries, but if it becomes larger it would warrant anesthesia and removal.  So we're monitoring for additional growth.  Ultimately, he wasn't overly concerned, so I am not either.  But please do offer up a prayer for my baby.

In the mean time I had read about using castor oil to eliminate growths on dogs.  I don't have any castor oil - and isn't that the stuff people used to make themselves puke?  Doesn't seem like something I want where she could potentially lick at it or wipe at it.  I kept reading and found that some people claim vitamin E can help.  THAT I have... so we put our first application on this evening.

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