Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I'm so cranky. I slept well this weekend at my Favorite Egg's, but not at all here at home. It isn't the safe sanctuary it once was to me. I didn't fall asleep as fast and my eyes popped open at 5am this morning. I tried to fall back asleep but instead I sat there running through my head all of the things I need to hurry up and get done so the house is showable again. I eventually got up and put the new covers on the mattress and box springs. That is no fun task when it is you vs a queen sized bed. But it kept me busy until it was time that I could pick up the dogs from camp. As I went to leave I saw that a-hole robin sitting at my front window. It made me want to cry - even if I scrub all of his sh*t away he's just going to crap everything back up - including the chairs once I remove the covers.

We did have a decent weekend though. The realtor I had been working with was not available, so on Friday I met the listing realtor for a home that had intrigued me for a while. The house itself was pretty neat, but the location really blew it for me. It is right by trailer pads that the owner's mother owns (she lives next door). It is up a bit of a hill too making the yard a bit less appealing. The driveway is also tended to in the winter by the mother as an easement to the trailers. So what happens when the Mom is no longer around? I'm out. Saturday I met another realtor that my Favorite Egg had met at an open house and she took us around to a few other places. All were nice enough - the one stand out was one that wasn't strong on my list initially - and kind of got added because I wanted to see the house next door. It had a great finished basement and would be a very viable option - if the price were lower. I am not a fan of the white kitchen that is there. It also had the water run off catchment behind it, which didn't leave me feeling great. Either way, it was at the top of my self-imposed spending limit. No HOA, but they say they have "protected covenants" on the deeds. What exactly does THAT mean? I did really like the general area that this and the one on Friday night were located in.

Sunday we headed to visit with his parents before splitting apart so us gals could attend his cousin's baby shower. Then we went to his high school friends' place for game night. Monday there was a bit more driving past some places that are listed to get vibes on communities.

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