Sunday, June 19, 2016

My reasons for suspicions were not unfounded on Friday.  The treatment did take place successfully even though my Favorite Egg had to leave for the wedding before the folks arrived.  I won't go into things here, but I am hopeful that the worst fears coming true I saw on Friday into Saturday morning may get resolved tomorrow.  I'm continuing to praying for favor - He can do all things, as can I - through the strength he gives me.  Now, my brain can go ahead and settle down, thank you very much.

The big day for my Beff was just perfect.  The weather was nice, it was a good time, all executed smoothly despite the hiccups that show up to throw you off in the days leading up - just perfect.  Of course, I couldn't take photos so I'll be waiting to see the professional ones.  The only drawback is that this weekend seemed to really fly, and I feel like my visit with my Favorite Egg was but a few moments.

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