Saturday, June 11, 2016

I've been taking advantage of not needing to keep the house pristine every day (I'll have plenty of that soon enough again).  I'm not bragging about it, that's a bad thing, but it's a fact.  I did at least vacuum before bed last night.

While my Favorite Egg is off enjoying one of the big home remodeling supplies auctions I am here for the weekend so I can attend a couple of parties that I was invited to.  First up is a graduation party, and then a 90th birthday party for my remaining uncle on my father's side.  Because everything happens all at once I am not going to make it to the work picnic today, which I've had mixed feelings about in recent years, it just isn't the same w/o friends there.  Yes, yes I still have friends there, but they have kids.

It seems like the kid thing has been a big focus lately (one I could do with less of).  I was worried on Thursday night, when I headed out to attend a "bachelorette party" for Beff and the start of (and many loops back to) the discussions were all about kids, but eventually the conversation became something I could participate in.

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