Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I'm moved into my new cube at work.  I think if they listed this as you would normal real estate the word "cozy" would be there.  I am at least not smacking my chair off of the keyboard trays, so it's better than what I expected, but tight enough that my mouse tray for the left computer had to go on the left.  Since I spent time left-mousing a few years back when my shoulder was giving me issues it is fairly easy to transition back, unless of course you are then using a VM on that machine, which requires you to click as through right-moused.  I also realized how used to eating while I clicked about I am (I half continental in my eating habits and I think I'd stab myself if I tried to use my right hand for a fork).  I can also say at least I have full height cube walls again, which is mandatory to block out the lights that are every third square in this area.

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