Monday, March 21, 2016

I have 6 more cabinets to do.  Yes, things are moving that slowly.  I swear I'm not slacking off - I finished 6, including the deep one that goes along the side of the dishwasher and the one under the sink.  Tonight I came home, reheated leftovers, ate, and got at it.  Things are getting tossed, they're getting boxed, they're getting scrubbed.  I do hope I'm thinning things out enough to make things spacious enough.

I really do have a lot of cabinet space, I just tend to get more crap than I need.  If I get it in my head that I need, let's say cream of chicken soup I'll buy one, then the next time I am out I'll forget I bought one and get another.  You can see how this becomes an issue.  I really need to get better at creating a list when I use the one and only of an item I have and then shopping only from that list.  Even then I'd struggle.  Being a big fan of Ollie's and Big Lots I often find things I love at mega awesome prices, then I can't just buy one more, no, no, no.  Gah.  Need to change.

I also filled a box in the basement of extras because I took some extra sammie bags down and then decided to gather other sizes of bags, tissues, and the like.  Does that count as distraction from the kitchen?  Maybe, but it too needs done.  Everything needs done.  *sigh*

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