Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Despite having a delay in my start this evening to attend a youth group leadership meeting, I still managed to finish the remainder of the kitchen cabinets.  There are still a few things that didn't work out safely in a box sitting out on the counter, but those will get tended to at some point.  Of course now I'm sitting here with itchy sinuses and sneezing like crazy, but that much is done.

What to start tomorrow?  I'm quickly getting to the point were there isn't too many other places in the dining room to put boxes.  I did get additional empties from a coworker, so that'll keep me going towards filling the living room too.

I called the place I talked to on Saturday since I hadn't heard from them.  They needed another measurement... uh, ok, why didn't you call me?  Sigh.  Time is ticking here people.

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