Sunday, February 07, 2016

The sun was out, but it was still pretty chilly.  Regardless, it was still a pretty nice weekend.  I was home for the afternoon on Friday, which gave me plenty of time to slow cooker our dinner (ribs and kielbasi) and make some red velvet cake balls, as well as work out and do a little more cleaning before my Favorite Egg arrived.  Dinner was good, but a little spicy.  It was either the spice (which I'd think would bother me more than him) or something was up w/ the kielbasi either way, it didn't totally agree with my Favorite Egg, so I felt pretty bad - especially since I was considering that his birthday dinner.

We were up early on Saturday to go to an auction, but ended up leaving before some of the items we went for came up for bid.  After a bit of inspection the items and consideration, they lost interest.  From there he was nice enough to help me load up the vehicle (and I do mean load up) and take a donation to St Vincent De Paul.  The dining room looks bigger with everything cleared out.  Good thing too, because the new light for the dining room arrived Saturday evening.  How happy was I to now get a snail mail letter from AT&T about my 'past due bill'.  Yeah, I was livid, but moving on.... We decided to watch a movie, Ted 2.  Meh.  I admit, I was falling asleep - it was an early morning!  The first movie was cute, so I know they were compelled to make a second one, but just meh.

Today we did our share of lazing about before making our Sunday pancakes, but because he's awesome, my Favorite Egg made sure we got my new light up, and a dimmer switch installed in the dining room.  One thing off of the list, you know?  Always sad to see him go.  It's going to be a long and busy week.

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