Wednesday, February 03, 2016

If AT&T had nuts. Today I think I'd kick them. Again a harassing call after yet another hour wasted on the phone w/ them yesterday, repeated apologies and promises to escalate the issue because I should NOT be getting calls on this - their mistake.

To save my blood pressure I just went ahead and put in a manual payment on my checking account (since I cannot move the date they want to auto bill my credit card and that is 2 more days away w/ more calls I'm sure). Oh, and YES, DirecTV did issue another bill, so NO AT&T you're not right - you do not have things combined. I'm getting so completely irritated. Seriously if you're going to combine things, you might want to figure out how it needs to be done before raking your loyal customers through the coals. This only makes them wonder what other options are out there.

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