Monday, January 18, 2016

The roads weren't perfect, but they were pretty decent for me to come home on Saturday. I was nervous again on Sunday coming home after attending the Carolina/Penguins game w/ Mrs. Roh. I'll again reiterate that I am impressed w/ AWD. I know I would have felt more of the road mess in the Durango. This of course does not ease my nerves for any pending winter driving. I was expecting a good pile of snow this morning given how many times the plow driver came up my road overnight (waking me each time) but we barely had a half an inch.

The hockey game was great fun, even if my Canes biffed it big time (5-0), but that's my own fault for attending. This was my first trip to the new Penguins arena and they've been in the Consol for how many years now? It was great to spend time with Mrs. Roh too, every time we converse I am more and more thrilled that Mr. Roh found her - she's a delight.

Not only because of the plow, but I didn't sleep all too well last night. I feel like I woke up every 20-45 minutes. It's anxiety, this I know, this my raw, red, bleeding fingers tell the rest of the world. It would probably help for me to get back on top of my workout routine. Soon, very soon.

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