Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Oscars are "too white" huh? I'm not supposed to read that as a racist statement, but if I said a professional basketball team was "too black" and I refused to attend until they added more white players I'd probably get a good deal of hate mail (and possibly threats on my life).

When will we start to see things where we truly are looking for "the best candidate" instead of hinting that some quota needs to be met? This doesn't just apply to color, it applies to gender as well. I don't dislike you're statement because you're black - I wouldn't like it if you were white either - I dislike your statement because it makes you look like an ass. Quit making the divide larger.

I'll spin this back around to the huge push to get women into STEM careers too. You cannot force it. Offer the classes, create the opportunities, and then allow people to make their own decisions on what interests them and what doesn't. Frankly, I think the beautiful thing about working in the geekier sectors is the notable lack of caddy, back-stabbing, manipulative, get what I want by flirting with the right person WOMEN - because most gals who are genuinely interested in this world aren't like that. Please don't pollute it _just_ to meet your quotas.

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