Saturday, January 30, 2016

Given that I've saved darn near every friggin thing else... are you telling me I didn't keep my previous set of bedroom curtains?  It just doesn't fit my typical behavior.  Of course, that still isn't helping me find them and believe me I've tried.  In the process I've identified even more crap to get rid of.  Ok, most of it is not crap, it's decent stuff.  Most of it just didn't match the selected colors in a room anymore (bathroom, bedroom, living room).  Either way, St Vincent De Paul is going to have a LOT of stuff coming their way when I finally load it all up.  At this point I might even need to make two trips.

Anyhow, the weather warmed back up today (dancing around the 50 mark) and things are melting off.  I was out running around as I often do on the weekend.  First stop(s) Home Depot and Lowes, where I left empty handed.  What I need to buy:

- a piece of wood to fix/replace the missing piece at the bottom of my banister.  Nothing looks close to what is there, and of course, nothing is finished, so that deters me, but worse still I'd have to buy a huge piece of something else and then manage to actually mitre cut it.  HA!

- a cabinet/mirror/or just cabinet doors to cover the old window space in the bathroom.  I hate just having a curtain over it.  I think it would look really nice w/ cabinet doors attached, but of course you can't just buy the doors - at least not around here, maybe ebay and places like that - but the sizes aren't quite right.

- a new light for over the dining room table.  I've found a few that I think look okay, but nothing wows me and nothing perfectly matches the sconce light at the bottom of the stairs (brushed nickel w/ marbled/white whispy frosted glass.  I really like the contemporary looks, but I know I should stick with something pretty neutral that will appeal to more people.

Side note: I've been reading up on how to determine the appropriate size of light you need to purchase.  I never realized how many guidelines there are for this.  At least it helped me determine approximately the size to get, however, I am still not convinced on the heights that everything is saying it should be hung at.  To me I think it would appear to be in the way.  Maybe I'm just too used to having a ceiling fan that is nice and snug to the ceiling over my table.

Second stops were all about groceries.  I'm restocked.  It's rare that I don't have much here, but suffice it to say I was desperate when I made three scrambled eggs and some frozen french toast bites for dinner last night.

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Angela said...

I know a guy who has a pile of lumber in his woodshop--you should talk to him about your banister problem. Also, I can't quite picture the thing in your bathroom that you're trying to find a door for, but you can purchase custom-sized cabinet doors on the internet (mostly, these are used by people who are upgrading their kitchens, but they might also work in your case).