Friday, January 29, 2016

Do they not realize that the commercials for Obamacare turn me even further on the spectrum towards hatred for it? B, you pay $22 a MONTH for healthcare?! How the F am I then paying out $180 a month and my employer another $250 a month for me (on our lowest plan option)? If you do the math that is LESS than what the "family of 4" says they pay in the commercial. It almost sparks more obscenities from me than the commercial for the free cell phones w/ more minutes and text messages than I have for $60 a month.

Why don't you also state how much the rest of us, who work for a living, are paying into it for you? "I get health insurance and my premium is only $22 a month. The taxpayer's premium is another $300 a month, so thanks everyone else!" I receive approximately 54.7% of my gross earnings each check into my checking account every pay. Yes, some of this is going into savings to plan for my future, but I know that there are many people who don't bother to do that either, so at some point I am also paying for THEM to live in retirement. Consider my gears in a constant state of wear.

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