Sunday, January 03, 2016

...and now my weekend is over.  I'm a sad panda once again, especially since the long weekends have come to a close for quite a while.

Saturday we relaxed a bit and tried making Alton's french toast.  Although I couldn't find the right type of bread it turned out pretty good.  Later in the day we packed up and headed to meet the Laws for Mexican!  Our visit was nice, but a bit too short for my liking.  We wandered Ross and TJ Maxx as well, but I left empty handed.

I lounged in bed pretty late today. My stomach wasn't thrilled, but I'm feeling better now.  We had our Sunday morning pancakes and watched HGTV all day.  It sounds like the old people version of Netflix and chill.

Today is Saffy's gotcha day.  I can't believe she's been here for 7 years.  How does time go that fast!?  We didn't go to Petco today and I didn't sing.  I'll celebrate her birthday tomorrow.  Tonight I'll at least get the latest batch of lemoncello into sugar water. Maybe tomorrow I'll start my limecello!  Three cheers for 99 cent bags of limes at Aldi.

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