Saturday, June 27, 2015

No infection.  A few things noted, but nothing too abnormal, on my other test.  Nothing that should cause the slight discomforts.  So I guess the answer is deal with it for now as other options would be more invasive, to look for things I can't really do anything about.  I'm getting old.  It is what it is.

On other sad news, I've scheduled an appointment for Vixen.  It's not how I want things to go.  I'd rather come home and find her peacefully passed in her own bed suddenly.  She's to the point where she smells like she's rotting.  She has really agitated the growth on her leg and while the hot spot seems to have healed up the other spot on her shoulder is still all gross looking.  The other growth on the side of her chest is distinct.  All she does is sleep (and pee in the basement).  She's 16y 4m, but I still feel like a jerk.

As to not end on a downer, I'll also say that I've been enjoying my visit with the girl child.  We've been eating way too much and I've gained weight.  We also headed down to Thunder last night for what is appearing to be the only nice weather it is likely to have this weekend (it's 59 degrees and raining right now).  The Alex Meixner band was playing, so that was enough encouragement for me to venture into the mess.  She got to gawk at lots of bikes, we wandered a few stores, we listened to the band, and we got to visit with the Laws.

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