Friday, May 15, 2015

Yesterday morning was quiet - the paper worked... or not. This morning the robin was back at it at a different spot on the window. I added another piece, but hopefully we won't need to cover the whole window. I don't have a ton of windows and don't get a lot of light in the house to begin with. As I've read you need to leave the paper up for a week, so we'll see how this goes. In the mean time my neighbors are going to think I'm cray.

I'm a step closer on the vehicle. I went and test drove a Sorento yesterday. (Don't worry spellchecker, that spelling irks me too, but I assure you, it is 'correct'. Yes, a dumb thing to take issue with, but there should be two rs in Sorrento.) It was a very smooth and quiet ride. I have a number in my hand from them. I am waiting to hear back on some other options I wanted that I think they can install there and then pull the trigger. Hopefully I can get Autumn cleaned up and get some interest in her straight away. The state cashed the checks for the duplicate titles on the 7th, so I am really hoping to see something in the mail today or tomorrow.

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