Sunday, May 31, 2015

I slept pretty well and a little later than normal, but I did make it to church.  From there I stopped and took a few more photos at Richland Cemetery while the thunder rumbled in the distance.

After a little bit of time at home I decided to take a cursory glance at the apartment and carried some cleaning supplies over.  I'll need to inventory things one night this week and partially take apart a couple of kitchen drawers to get at the back side of the pull knobs to tighten them up a bit.  Then I headed to Ollies to find something shelf like to put into the deep closet to offer a little more storage flexibility, so now I have that to put together too.

After dropping my purchases off at the house I was headed to the West End, by myself, which wasn't ideal, but it was still worth going - to Polkafest!  I stuck around long enough to have a funnel cake, a beer, and some haluski while listening to the bands and watching folks dance.  My Dad would have loved it.

I've not done much in the way of cleaning this weekend other than two loads of laundry and running the dishwasher.  Can I count washing my hair as an accomplishment? - oh wait, I didn't do that just yet either.  I might be hitting bed a wee bit early again tonight.  Maybe it's the heat.  I have been taking in a good bit more fluids than normal but I'm not running to the facilities, so perhaps I just need to double up on intake again.

BTW - Samsung - I'm left handed, I want to hold my phone in my left hand and hit the controls when taking video.  That should NOT result in every video being upside down.

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Angela said...

We were there for Alex Meixner's set yesterday. We must have just missed you!