Thursday, April 30, 2015

WHERE IS IT!?  I've been hunting for the titles to the vehicles to no avail.  I am sure I put it somewhere "safe", yeah, so safe I can't find it.  They're not in the safes, they're not in the secretary in the dining room, they're not in the filing cabinet.  There are no other logical places I would have put them.  The good news about this is that it's pushed me into cleaning out some stuff from upstairs as I rummage about.  Good timing too since spring cleanup is only a little over a week away.

There are three big garbage bags and two boxes waiting to go to the curb, the very back of  the Durango is completely full for drop off at Goodwill tomorrow, and the shred container is to the brim (hopefully BRM does the free shred day again this year).  I still can't bring myself to shred old tax paperwork.  I know they say you only need to save years, but that seems so little.  I can see much more carpet in the junk room!

On other news... I finally decided to try Vixie's thundershirt on Saffy for the storm that happened earlier tonight.  I guess I had assumed that it would be too big for her, but it tightens down nicely.  Success - she's laying on the couch looking comfy vs hiding under the coffee table looking terrified.  This, of course, means I'm a complete jerk because I didn't try this sooner.  Poor kid.

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