Sunday, April 26, 2015

TV is all hooked up!  A gang of us got together Friday night at the Orchard for wings and drinkies.  After my Favorite Egg was already on top of starting to put things in order.

Saturday we headed out to Johnny Mac's wedding and reception.  I didn't sleep super well Friday night, so I wiped out on the couch pretty early after we got back.  While I slept, the rest of the components were magically put together and everything was pushed back to the wall.  He's a good one, no doubt.  :)

Today we did a little running to facilitate cooking and then watched Meet Joe Black.  The TV is pretty sweet, but it's a little odd to see every scar and flaw on the faces of actors.  It also seems hyper realistic, so some things look a little 3d or faked.  It will be nice to be able to hit the internet from the TV and use it for so much more.

The day (heck the whole weekend) went way too fast.  Don't mind me, I'm just going to sit here, feel sorry for myself, maybe workout my arms/shoulders/sides, and then slip into a coma before I need to get through another week.


Angela said...

It sounds like you might be experiencing the same problem we did when we got our HDTV. There's something called the "soap opera effect" that makes things look weird. I changed a setting on the tv and that fixed it.

JM said...

Alas - it was not set to 'smooth', so must not be that.