Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's time to post about my vacation before the memories fade too much to recount what I want to put down. 

Nov 30 - after a partial weekend w/ my favorite Egg I headed home in time to gather my things and head out the next day on our way to Bayonne, NJ.  The drive was longer than Google maps led us to believe and longer than I remember (although the last time we did a majority of the drive on 76 instead of 80), but the weather was good, and aside from a little backup in traffic at one point we got there without any worries. 

The hotel we stayed at was nice enough, but since it didn't offer a shuttle to and from the pier that added up.  The guestimates online were no where near right for taxi service.  I did hit the gym after we arrived and again in the morning despite the blasting horrible Christmas music and broken TVs.

Dec 1 (departure) - We're off to meet Quantum.  The upgraded pier and check in experience went pretty well, only a short wait in line and our luggage was to the room by the time we were allowed to the rooms.  THAT is fast.  We did the typical Windjammer welcome back lunch - even though they didn't have my honey stung chicken *sigh* - and wandered around on the ship a bit.

So - remember the Dumb Ways to Die song I fell in love with how long ago?  I think they created a video/song for the cruise line called Wash Your Hands.  It has to be them.  I have to find the video.

Since were anticipating having our buy one get one coupon for the first night we did specialty dining for the first time - ever.  Wonderland.  It had the appeal that made the leap worth it.  Oh boy was the whole experience and the food awesome.  The deviled eggs they show under the dome of smoke in some of their teasers *smile*.  Mental note, must buy some liquid smoke and add a dab the next time I make deviled eggs.  The beef didn't need chewed.  Oh, and we even tried the liver pate rolled in cocoa powder that was part of one plate.  We were of course dressed up for the occasion - Beff as the white rabbit and I as a variation of the red queen.

Dec 2 (at sea) - I'll note that I worked out on the ship every morning we were at sea and even two of our port days where we arrived later in the day.  Aren't you proud?  On this particular morning I also headed to the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle and took part in the cabin crawl to get a peek at some of the other rooms.  We were suppose to have had a virtual balcony room but got an upgrade fairy visit and a real window of our own.

We went to American Icon Grill for lunch - meh, nothing remarkable there - other than meeting people who recruited us to be part of their progressive trivia team, folks who became friends as the trip progressed.  Dinner was at the Grande, which we enjoyed quite well.  We also saw Mama Mia on this particular day which was pretty good considering the minimal sets/scenes they used.

Dec 3 (at sea) - It was a little gray and rainy looking out.  I started my habit of getting cappuccino each morning in the concierge lounge on this particular day.  Oh to press a button and bam.  Anyhow - this morning also included my bridge tour.  You'd think I'd get sick of these by now, but how do you decline the invitation to see the bridge on the newest ship in the fleet?  I'm glad I went because they even allowed us to go out on the wings for that view!

We went to Two70's area for lunch which pleasantly surprised me.  I'm not a sammies type of girl, but the paninis were quite good.  As we ate we checked out some of their robo shows in the Two70 lounge too.  More adventure to find we headed to the bumper cars!  On this day we had our welcome back party for Crown and Anchor.  I would point out that this includes free drinks, but there was a lot of those this sailing.  We did bring our two bottles of wine to crack and got my bottle of champagne (although it wasn't the one they usually give you, which was disappointing because the austi is way better).

We headed to dinner at Silk which we found to be surprisingly good before the comedian show.  My expectations were low as the whole Asian fusion idea sounded spicy and a bit beyond my palette, but it was probably one of our favorite evenings.  Maybe it is because this was the one time we said we'd gladly sit at a bigger table that we were placed with others - including people we had met through progressive trivia - allowing us to meet a couple other nice folks that we saw repeatedly for the rest of the trip.  At a big table it was also easy to get to try everything, so we knew what we wanted when we returned later in the trip.

Day 4 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) - I tried an abs class onboard and the instructor was a little bitchy and not really doing much that held my interest, so I moved on w/ my own workout.  I did manage to rouse Beff early on this day and we tried breakfast in Devinly Decadence (it's pay for lunch and dinner, but free for breakfast).  Everything there is suppose to be low calorie and way healthier.  Yeah, I could tell.  The only thing there I really enjoyed was a parfait.

We also had our ride on the North Star which gives you tremendous views from above the decks, especially as it moves out to the side of the ship.  Later in the day we made it to iFly for the first time and learned that we need to go at separate times as to ensure that we could photograph and videotape one another.  It was so fun, but really hard to do what they're telling you to do the first time.  You also leave with hella knotted hair if you don't tether it back well.

Our arrival in San Juan was at 4pm, thus the busy day before we even got to port.  Our show was booked through RC excursions since it was just the two of us and I have no desire to wander around San Juan at night.  We went to the Latin Traditions show and saw Juan Carlos - an AMAZING guitarist and his two dancers.  He did numerous styles including flamenco (which I never did get to go see in Barcelona etc).  Thank goodness it was a ship tour as it was 15 minutes past all aboard getting back.

Since San Juan is US I was able to use my phone and get a little bit of talking in w/ my favorite Egg.  It really was sad that he wasn't with us.

Day 5 (St Maarten) - We kept this day low key on purpose.  A quick water ferry to the shops/man-made beach area and some shopping topped off with a guavaberry cocktail.  Yes!  I snagged some chocolate and guavaberry liquor and we headed back a little early.

Color me surprised to find a crystal block waiting in the room for me.  Yes, I rolled over to 200 nights on the last night of this cruise, but I shouldn't get another block until 210.  I was so excited I admit I teared up a little.  I am not telling anyone.  You can pry it from my cold fingers.

We had dinner at American Icon Grill and I'm sad to report that the dinner menu is 90% the same as the lunch menu.  Boo.  Our show on this evening was a Elton John cover guy.  Elton is not my favorite, but this guy did a good job.

Day 6 (Martinique) - This was my first visit here, but it sounded like a safe place, only worry was that everything said most shops only took euros.  Good thing I still had some here, but it turns out that US dollars are VASTLY more accepted than the internet will lead you to believe, at least around the port.  We wandered around the general area taking in the sights like the fort, library, and church, and of course shopped.  As we headed back we decided to stop in a little place for a crepe (when on a French island after all) and locally made fruit drink.  Then we caught a street side show of local dances with some rather interesting moves:  1, 2, 3, smash crotches together.  *makes face*

As we prepared to sail away I enjoyed the dancers once again, who marked out the pier to bid us farewell, but in a much more tame manner.  No show on this evening, but we had dinner at Chic, which was pretty good.

Day 7 (Barbados) - Another first time for me at this port!  We had booked with Glory Tours and had a great day.  We visited Huntes Garden which was just a lovely lush spot with a super sweet/kind man who owned it, Bathsheba, Morgan Lewis/Cherry Tree Hill, and a Wildlife Reserve (where a monkey bonked Beff with his discarded fruit seed *haha*).

A bit of shopping wrapped up our day here and we headed back to our dinner.  It was to be at American Icon Grill, but we changed it to the Grande.  The show was a comedian/magician that was on Saved By the Bell *laugh*  I then headed up to chat with my sweetheart and use up some of my free internet time.

Day 8 (St Kitts) - We decided to do another tour with Thenford Grey's Tours, this time to the Rainforest.  Turns out only the two of us signed up for that tour.  We we loaded with others on a city tour and dropped off.  Our guide moved pretty swiftly, so it was quite the workout even before we got to the steep hillside that had ropes strung from tree to tree to assist you.  Yes, he proclaimed we were going to climb this.  With my fear of heights this was a challenge for me, but I did it.  I won't lie, I did have some uncontrollable tears streaming at points and my heart was in my throat, but I did it.

Our tour wasn't suppose to get to go to the beach, but our driver was quite kind and was glad to take us to that stop as well, so we relaxed and put our toes in the water after our hard work.  Dinner was back at Chic and we went to the Starwater show in Two70.  If we had gotten there earlier perhaps I would have enjoyed the show more.  There seems to be a lot of seats in there that are blocked from really seeing everything.

Day 9 (at sea) - I gave American Icon Grill another chance - for breakfast, since I heard it was good.  It had the many of the traditional breakfast options from the main dining room on other ships, so I was pleased.  After a quick nap, the only one I really allowed myself in nearly two weeks, we headed to lunch and back for our second run at the iFly.  I did WAY better this time and even freaked out a little at one point when I was above the instructor's head flying away.

We missed the flying trapeze (circus school) by a few minutes due to filming/photographing a few new friends on their iFly run, and unfortunately didn't get to do it the next time due to rough seas.  Of course, the ladder alone there may have been too much for me, much less leaning out from the platform to grab the trapeze.

Day 10 (at sea) - Since it was a bit rough many of the things we would have liked to do this day were out (trapeze, rock wall, iFly, North Star), but a slow/mellow day was okay too.  We decided to do one more pay eatery - Jamie's Italian - for lunch.  The food was good, I'm glad we tried it, once.  I'm also happy we ate well because by the time we got out of our show Coastal Kitchen was closed and we had missed our time slot.  :(

The show, Sonic Odyssey was pretty neat.  The guy who invented the earth harp that was strung across the auditorium was still onboard and did a portion of the performance.  Great stuff - love being able to say that were the 4th audience ever to see this onboard.

Day 11 (at sea) - I really slacked off and didn't take much in the way of notes.  Again it was mostly trivia going on onboard and too rough for things to be open.  By this point in a cruise you need to just relax a wee bit anyhow.  I'll take it, but BOY was it cold running across deck.  Welcome home, right?

Quantum, or at least our room, was kind of creaky.  It didn't keep me awake, but she made her share of noise.  I also realize I'm spoiled and use to being on higher up decks anymore as seeing the high sea levels from our windows that would easily be above our windows had they been against the ship instead of pushed out from the forward thrust made me a bit antsy.

Many of our evenings were spent in Boleros grabbing our free drinks since the Diamond lounge was JAMMED.  Beff recognized one of the waiters in the diamond lounge from Vision, that girl has a crazy memory.

We did get our milkshakes one afternoon at Johnny Rocket's, but I didn't note what port we were in when we did it.  The burgers there were WAY better than the ones in American Icon Grill.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

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