Friday, December 26, 2014

I hate when you're exhausted but your brain just won't shut down.  Last night I got back from Mom's, worked out, showered, and had myself into bed by 9pm.  I still remember looking at the clock after 11 and waking up several times during the night.  As such, I'm up with coffee in hand, but I'm still not feeling it.

So far Christmas has been lovely.  The weather has been so perfect for traveling about.  After working out and getting myself in gear on Christmas eve I headed towards the burgh and caught up with my favorite Egg at his parents' place which was a starting point to go to an Aunt and Uncle's place for yet another huge meal and lots of family gathering.  I will eventually get tired of posting this same thing, but they're all so very nice.  After we returned to his parents and opened a few gifts and chatted, that was very pleasant.  In the morning there was a big, delightful breakfast on her fine china to get me started before heading off to Mom's.

Mom and I opened gifts, a few before dinner at my Aunt L and Uncle R's and a few after.  As always I made out well with gifts.  There is an awesome new skirt I had my eye on and new sweaters to keep me warm at work to name a few.

Christmas celebrations in my world aren't over yet.  I certainly hope I'll get to visit with a few other people while they're in for the holiday too.

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